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Larvikite Large Tower
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Larvikite Large TowerElement: Water Chakra: RootLarvikite PropertiesTravel protection - Sleep protection - Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Very Cleansing to the Body Effectively Stills and Focus Your Mind Removes Toxins and Negative Energies from Both The physical and Etheric Bodies ..
Selenite TumblesElement: Water Chakra: Throat & HeartSelenite PropertiesCleansing - Nurturing - Motivation - power - Rebirth Visions - Divination - Moon Magic - Feminine Energy Angelic - Energy - SpiritualitySelenite Healing Properties Relieves menstrual crampsHerb Combi..
Shungite Protective plate for phone Shungite Protective plate for phone
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Shungite Protective plate for phone Human biofield has electromagnetic nature. Mobile phone radiation, operating in the range of radio-frequencies, suppresses a person's biofield and thereby impacts badly on the body. Shungite plate, using switched on mobile phone's energy of radiation, increases ..
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